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Aug 7, 2022

Hello, My loves! I’m Karen Hewitt with Christi Pratte in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about empowering women through developing emotional intelligence and through writing!


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00:35 – Introduction of Guest (Check Christi out via her accounts below.)

                Christi Pratte -


02:28 – How Being an Introverted Child Impacted Christi’s Life Growing Up

04:08 – Understanding the Power of Observation as an Introvert

05:55 – How Being a Keen Observer Helped Christi in Her Work as a Ghost Writer

10:42 - How Being an Introvert Help Christi in Her Job

13:10 – How Having High Emotional Intelligence Helped Christi in Her Online Magazine Business

16:06 – How Important Being Authentic Is and the Significance of Amplifying it

21:27 – How Christi Maintained the Balance of Being an Introvert and Doing Extroverted Activities

24:20 – What Prompted Christi to Change Her Career Path

30:00 – How Important It is to Share Your Story