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Jul 25, 2022

Hello, My loves! I’m Karen Hewitt with Tammy Johnston in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about gearing up your mindset with systems and skills towards business success.


00:26 – Social Media Accounts (Check us out, Loves! Don’t forget to subscribe with our accounts below.)

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00:35 – Introduction of Guest (Check Tammy out via her accounts below.)

                Tammy Johnston -


02:47 – How Being an Introvert Impacted Tammy’s Way of Managing Her Own Business

05:17 – What Pushed Tammy to enter the Public Speaking Arena

07:25 – Why Tammy Decided to Start Educating People through “Financial Journeys”

09:02 – How Toastmasters Group Helped Tammy Improve in Public Speaking

13:52 – What Terrifies Introverts and Extroverts and How They Overcome Them

16:40 – How Important Taking the First Step is

18:00 – What the “Autopsy” Technique is

“What Worked? What Didn’t? What Do I Want to Try Next Time?”

20:56 – How Can Social Media Help Introverts If Used Authentically

22:28 – How Significant BEING YOURSELF is in Finding Your Audience

25:00 – How to Improve the Problem Solving Aspect of Your Business

26:13 – How Understanding the Problems of Your Clients Can Improve your Business

32:35 – How Important Respect is in Your Relationship with Your Clients