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Introverts Tool Box

Jun 12, 2022

Hello, my loves. This is your host, Karen Hewitt. Join me as I talk about authentic branding in this digital world. Discover some tips on how you can utilize different social media platforms in finding your community and creating your brand.


00:26 – Social Media Accounts (Check us out, Loves! Don’t forget to subscribe with our accounts below.)

FB: Karen Hewitt Blossom to Success (

IG: BlossomToSuccess (

Tiktok: blossom.tosuccess (

LinkedIn: Karen Hewitt (

Twitter: BlossomToSucces (


1:05 - Understanding the Purpose of Creating Your Brand

1:40 - Identifying Your Audience and The Main Functions of Social Media Platforms

2:25 - Utilizing Different Social Media Platforms based on Their Purpose

                2:25 - Facebook

                4:10 - Instagram

                4:50 - Twitter

                5:15 - LinkedIn

                5:40 - Tiktok

6:37 - Knowing How to Brand Yourself through Social Media

9:40 - Using Hashtags to Promote Your Story

11:42 - Understanding the Purpose of Your Contents

15:35 - Having Consistency in Content Posting

18:00 - Finding Your Purpose and Your People