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Jun 19, 2022

Hello, My loves! I’m Karen Hewitt with Sara Mayer in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about crushing goals by maximizing every minute of every day through your time management and organizational skills. Take note of Sara’s tips on how you could start nailing time blocking and be at your most productive self all the way!



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00:40 – Introduction of Guest (Check Sara out via her accounts below.)

                Sara Mayer -

                Bold Goal Crusher Podcast -



02:50 – Understanding the Concept of OHIO (Only Handle It Once)

05:50 – How to Effectively Set Your Schedule

08:02 – How Significant Scheduling Time for Yourself Is

10:40 – How Important Including Mini Tasks in Daily Schedules Is

11:50 – How Can Time Blocking Help You Crash Your Tasks

13:30 – How Sara Helped Her Clients Manage Their Time

16:50 – How Effective Personalizing Your Calendar is

18:00 – Managing Tasks through Calendar Planning           

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 24:40 – How Sara Cope with Burnout