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Introverts Tool Box

Jun 6, 2022

Hello, My loves! I’m Karen Hewitt with Dagmar Bryant in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about achieving success in business with calculated steps and choices moving towards it. 


00:26 – Social Media Accounts (Check us out, Loves! Don’t forget to subscribe with our accounts below.)

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00:53 – Introduction of Guest (Check Dagmar out via her accounts below.)

Dagmar Bryant -


03:03 – Definition of Transformation

05:20 – Who are Introverts

06:07 – How to Deal with Introvert Burnout

08:02 – How to Achieve Mindset Shit

09:50 – Key Habits of Shifting into Goals

12:58 – Five Tips to be HAPPY

16:43 – How Dagmar Started on Finding her Purpose

23:42 – How to Deal with Mistakes