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Introverts Tool Box

Apr 8, 2022

Show notes for Karen Solo Episode 5

Hello, my loves. This is your host, Karen Hewitt, giving you this episode about expanding our brain capacities by having proper mindset. I am a firm believer we, introverts, are fully capable of doing amazing things – we just have to believe it! So keep blossoming, my loves! 

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00: 40 – Talking About the Capacity of the Mind

00:59 – How People With Brain Injuries Continue Living Their Life

02:10 – How Having the Curiosity of a Child Could Help Improve One’s Mindset

02:40 – What the “Mousy Experiment” Is 

03:57 – What Can We Learn from the “Mousy Experiment” 

07:00 – How to Improve Your Brain Capacity

07:25 – How to Improve Your Mindset

09:58 – How much Potential Introverts Have



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