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Introverts Tool Box

Mar 22, 2022

Episode Highlights: Hello, My loves! I’m Karen Hewitt with Joanna Rawbone in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about introversion and how introverts can overcome societal bias and understand the significance diversity and inclusivity!


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00:40 – Introduction of Guest (Check Joanna out via her accounts below.)

Joanna Rawbone, MSC –

Tackling Extraversion Bias to unlock the potential of Introverts | Joanna Rawbone | TEDxFolkestone       -


02:30 – How Being an Introvert Affected Joanna at the TEDx

04:50 – What It Means to be an Ambivert

08:05 – How Becoming a Myers Briggs Type Practitioner Affected Joanna’s Life 

12:54 – How Can Introverts Overcome Societal Bias

20:30 – How Important It is to Embrace Your Uniqueness

22:50 – Why Should Introverts and Extroverts be Treated Equally

23:30 – How Significant Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

27:00 – How Can Introverts Function Effectively

29:40 – How Can Introverts Fight Burnout 


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