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Introverts Tool Box

Jul 18, 2022

Hello, My loves. This is your host, Karen Hewitt, with another episode about self-work and self-worth.  As I have mentioned in my recent podcast about shadow work, understanding one’s mental health is indeed a helpful move towards achieving the most authentic version of you. Again, I hope I could help y’all to understand the importance of accepting yourself no matter what you have been through.  Keep blossoming, my loves!


00:40 – Understanding your Self-Worth

01:25 – Knowing What Mental Health Is

02:15 – Fighting the Stigma About Mental Health

04:40 – Understanding Your Recharge Mechanisms

06:50 – Understanding the Power of Journaling in Maintaining Good Mental Health

07:55 – Learning the Effect of Meditating

08:35 – Communicating Your Feelings Out



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