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Introverts Tool Box

Jul 3, 2022

Hello, My loves. This is your host, Karen Hewitt, with another episode about shadow work and how it helps in discovering a stronger and better version of ourselves. I have always been transparent with you, my loves, in sharing my experiences and in today’s episode, let me share with you some facts about me that I never thought I would be sharing in my podcasts. I hope I could help y’all to understand the importance of accepting yourself no matter what you have been through. 

Keep blossoming, my loves!


00:40 – What is Shadow work? 

01:35 – “How do I identify myself?”

02:29 – “How do I want people to see me?”

03:15 – “What makes me happy?”

04:15 – “How do I have fun?”

05:55 – “What do I want?”

07:42 – “What inspires me?”

09:00 – “What motivates me?”

11:30 – “What causes me trauma?”

11:45 – “What do I need to overcome?”

14:25 – “What makes me sad?”

15:55 – “What do I want?”

16:00 – “What are my goals?”

18:53 – “How do I want to make money?”


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